UIH Training Center

The UIH training center at the company headquarters provides professional and systematic training courses that provide diverse knowledge, high added value, and high production capacity.

Training courses for client doctors and technicians

We help customers improve their clinical application skills through intensive training combined with customized and progressive on-site training.

Systematic and comprehensive intensive training
We put ourselves in our customer’s shoes by planning ahead and inviting customers to UIH for systematic and comprehensive intensive training courses. In this way, we can help them to use UIH equipment effectively and achieve quality diagnosis and treatment.

Customized and progressive on-site training
UIH trainers will offer customized and progressive on-site training sessions in different phases based on specific customer needs. This helps customers improve their clinical application skills.

Training for maintenance engineers

We can help customers train their own team of on-site maintenance engineers step by step through intensive HQ, on-site and remote training.

  Training for UIH engineers and clinic application experts

The UIH Training Center is continually drawing on extensive resources to improve the skills of UIH engineers and clinic application experts, in this way providing the best professional services for our customers.