uMR 560


With cutting-edge design concept and superior core components, uMR 560 features higher performance.

24-Channel RF Platform

Zero loss in data transmission is achieved by 24 independent receiving channels perfectly matched with 24 RF coil channels, and with FAST technology for accelerated parallel acquisition.

24 RF Receiving Channels = 24 System Channels + 24 RF Coil Channels

The Most Homogeneous Magnet Field in the Industry

High field homogeneity makes both a full 50x50x50cm FoV and fat-suppressed imaging easy. The innovative 150cm short magnet assures high field homogeneity.

Efficient Scanning Process

The uExceed software integrated into all UIH product platforms provides a more consistent and convenient scanning process.

Seamless Alternation between Chinese and English

User Interface easily switches between Chinese and English seamlessly to user preferences.

Quickly Adjustable Scan Control

Imaging parameters can be easily adjusted through the monitoring window, avoiding unnecessary cycling among different windows.

Image Reconstruction Results Displayed in Real-Time

Displaying the most recent images from the running imaging sequence allows for quick adjustment to the current scan protocol and sequence parameters.

“Patient-Centered” Workflow

Multiple patients can be managed simultaneously by using our Patient-Centered Workflow process: Current exam progress for each patient can be readily distinguished and accessed from the patient identification card.

Design with User in Mind

Combining precise operation with a lightweight and artistic design, the uMR 560 focuses on the user. UIH brings aesthetic vision and ease of use to the biomedical technology, delivering care, trust and respect through our design.

Ergonomics elaboration

A smooth and fluid experience is enabled by the
ergonomic design of the 12° inclination control panel.

Superior experience

A superior experience is delivered by large FOV design.

Aesthetic vision

A mix of high-performance and ease of operation is
achieved with the streamlined patient table design.