uMI 510


Powered by innovative technologies, UIH’s uMI 510 is a clinical whole-body PET-CT scanner equipped with the world’s first 96-crystal-ring detector system with integrated light-guide that delivers excellence in molecular imaging.

Breakthrough in Resolution

The breakthrough in resolution brought by small crystal size facilitates the early detection of small lesions, reduces the false negative rates, and enhances doctors’ confidence in diagnosis.

96-crystal-ring Detector System with Integrated Light-guide

More than 100,000 crystals are assembled in seamless array for high-resolution imaging and produce as many as 191 slices with the thickness of 1.2mm per bed position to deliver more clinical information and better match with the thin-slice CT images.

High Precision Crystal

A total of 110,592 LYSO crystals at a small size of 2.35mmx2.35mm and the high decoding power of PQS significantly improve image resolution.

HYPER ILG Technology

The design of ILG (integrated light-guide) improves light collection efficiency and time resolution to ensure exceptional image quality.

HYPER Electronics Technology

The HYPER electronics technology reduces the bottleneck in processing signals from hundreds of thousands of crystals, and helps to improve system count rate performance and image quality.

Zero-gap Detector Ring

A seamless, 360-degree panoramic coverage improves sensitivity, signal homogeneity, and reduces image noise.

HYPER UVT Image Reconstruction Algorithm

The advanced reconstruction algorithm applied in PET-CT reconstruction helps to deliver new breakthrough in image resolution and clarity.

Industry-leading Image Acquisition Matrix: 512×512

The high-density matrix enables precise image reconstruction and facilitates accurate quantitative analysis for clinical diagnosis and research.

High-density Sampling

Higher spatial resolution reveals the fine details of smaller lesion.

Conventional Acquisition Matrix

Indistinguishable lesions with low-resolution image reconstruction.

uMI High-density Acquisition Matrix

Distinct lesions with high-resolution image reconstruction.

Accurate Quantitative Analysis

Smaller pixel size significantly reduces partial volume effect and ensures more accurate SUV measurement for small lesions.

Isotropic Three-dimensional CT

High-quality and refined 3D image is made possible by isotropic resolution in the X-Y-Z directions.

Three-dimensional Image

The three-dimensional 16-slice CT with its isotropic resolution in the

X-Y-Z directions up to 0.27mm ensures excellent performance and

compatibility in providing superior 3D anatomical images.


Microscopic imaging by low-dose radiation available in thin slice imaging.

Double Scan Speed

With an extra-long axial FOV of 23.6cm and double scan speed, a whole-body scan can be completed in as few as 4 bed positions and 8 minutes.

Low-dose and Low Radiation

Improved patient safety with a 1/2 reduction in tracer dose and ultra-low CT radiation dose.

1/2 Tracer Dose

Featuring high sensitivity and high-density sampling, 96-crystal-ring PET detector provides excellent image quality at only 1/2 of the tracer dose.

Ultra-low CT Radiation Dose

KARL 3D iterative reconstruction technology is able to reduce radiation dose with uncompromised image quality.

Design with User in Mind

Combining precise operation with a lightweight and artistic design, the uMI 510 focuses on the user. UIH brings aesthetic vision and ease of use to the biomedical technology, delivering care, trust and respect through our design.

Sophisticated craftsmanship

Wear-resistant buttons made with exquisite ceramic finishing.

Streamlined workflow

Higher operation efficiency enabled by extra-large touch screen.

Aesthetic vision

Streamlined design of patient table.