uDR 770i


In today’s healthcare services environment, a radiology department is responsible for providing accurate and reliable imaging services in a fast and efficient manner. To that end, UIH recommends to you a superior DR system which addresses your practical needs in a demanding world.

Efficient Workflow

Daily work becomes smooth and easy with its automated electromechanical system and intuitive management software.

Automatized Stands

Significantly improves work efficiency thanks to synchronized movement of the tube and detector using integrated manual/automatic adjustment, one-key upright-reclined position switching, and one-key intuitive positioning.

Large “Intuitive” Touch Screen

The intelligent capacitive screen can only be activated by the touch of human skin, thus enabling ease of control and preventing any unintentional operation. The screen also makes guiding images, properly positioning patients, and setting up parameters much easier.

Multi-lingual Voice Prompt System

Operator voice prompting is no longer needed all the time, thanks to the uDR 770i's multi-lingual voice prompt system, which is built into the intercom and saves frequently used prompts that have been pre-recorded in different dialects and languages.

Wireless Remote Control

A truly mobile wireless remote control, thanks to its "plug and charge" design with inductive wireless charging. Radio frequency signals significantly extend control range.

AIO (“All-In-One”) Workstation

The "All-In-One" workstation integrates patient registration, image acquisition, browsing, printing, and confirmation, thus reducing costs while enhancing quality and efficiency of all clinical work.

uExceed Software Platform

Improved operational efficiency is made possible by simultaneous multi-patient management, unique user-habit memorization, and automated intelligent adjustment of clinical examination protocols and parameters.

Excellent Imaging Chain

A superior imaging chain is achieved by a powerful combination of cutting-edge hardware and software, leading to superior image quality.

HD Flat Panel Detector

A clear visualization of microstructures is brought in by the advanced a-Si flat panel detector, with exceptional image acquisition matrix size and spatial resolution.

High Quality X-ray Tube and High Voltage Generator

Outstanding imaging quality is ensured by first-rate performance and excellent compatibility between the X-ray tube and high voltage generator.

“Magic Mirror” Image Optimization Technology

Image quality is greatly enhanced while X-ray doses are reduced, as a result of the "Magic Mirror" image optimization technology, which consists of a variety of advanced post-processing algorithms and technologies.

Design with User in Mind

Combining precise operation with a lightweight and artistic design, the uDR 770i focuses on the user. UIH brings aesthetic vision and ease of use to the biomedical technology, delivering care, trust and respect through our design.


Aesthetically pleasing

Made from aluminum alloy, the frame and grip not only feature cushioning and wear-resistance, but have an aesthetically pleasing look

User-friendly design

In-house designed full-set fittings with advanced
technologies provide a pleasing experience throughout the entire process

Sophisticated construction

Durable buttons made with IML technology