uCT 510


Modern medical CT imaging calls for isotropic resolution imaging, low-dose scanning and low-cost operation. In response, UIH answers the call with the world's first 16-slice CT with 3D isotropic resolution, which brings superior clinical images.

Outstanding Imaging Chain

The outstanding imaging chain of uCT 510 is built upon the powerful combination of cutting-edge hardware and      state-of-the-art technology, which delivers high-resolution 3D isotropic-resolution imaging with reduced radiation dose and low operation cost.


Exquisite Images with Low Radiation Dose and Thin Slice Reconstruction

  • The ultra-high sensitivity detectors enable scanning with high resolution and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
  • Highly dose efficient detector geometry increases radiation utilization
  • The optimized scintillator thickness boosts the photodiode quantum efficiency
  • The accurate detector sampling and calibration algorithm assures undistorted images from reduced dose acquisitions

X-ray Tube

Higher Heat Capacity and Smaller Focal Spot

  • High throughput, prolonged product life and reduced operation cost are based on the higher heat capacity of the X-ray tube
  • More image details are revealed by the X-ray tube with a smaller focal spot


Intelligent Predictive Platform

  • The intelligent predictive platform prepares the system for next step in the operation workflow before the prior step is completed
  • Providing a scanning procedure with high efficiency

High-resolution Imaging Technology

uCT 510 reveals fine anatomical details with the support of Real 3D Cone-Beam Reconstruction Technology, providing exceptional performance in high-resolution imaging.

Real 3D Cone-Beam Reconstruction Technology*

Real 3D isotropic resolution imaging

1024 x1024 High-resolution Reconstruction Matrix*

4-times the number of voxel for high-resolution imaging

MAC Metal Artifact Calibration Algorithm*

Eliminates the interference of metal artifacts to unveil image details

Low-dose Scanning Technology

Using the unique KARL 3D Iterative Reconstruction Technology and uDose Intelligent mA Modulation Technology, uCT 510 reduces the radiation dose significantly while maintaining image quality, defining the virtue of "micro-dose-CT".

uDose Intelligent mA Modulation Technology

Tailored and Intelligent Dose Modulation

The tube mA is automatically adjusted according to different body parts and positions so that unnecessary radiation dose caused by overexposure is eliminated.


KARL 3D Iterative Reconstruction Technology

KARL 3D iterative reconstruction technology is able to reduce radiation dose with uncompromised image quality.

KARL 3D employs a generalized gradient descent iterative denoising both in projection space and image space. Even with low dose scanning, it achieves image quality consistent with that of conventional reconstruction algorithms with a high radiation dose.

Low-cost Operation

UIH focuses on every detail of the hospital workflow to optimize the uCT 510 for speed and operational cost. With a low-consumption design and Easy-Logic technology, uCT 510 reduces equipment wear and tear, ensures effective operation, and enables routine examination of 200 patients per day with ease.

The intelligent predictive platform prepares the system for next step in the operation workflow before the prior step is completed, providing a scanning procedure with high efficiency.

Design with User in Mind

Combining precise operation with a lightweight and artistic design, the uCT 510 focuses on the user. UIH brings aesthetic vision and ease of use to the biomedical technology, delivering care, trust and respect through our design.

Aesthetically pleasing

Comfortable experience brought by the streamlined patient table design.

Sophisticated construction

Wear-resistant buttons designed with In Mold Labelling (IML) technology.

User-friendly design

Ultra-sized screen on data display panel.