"UIH firmly believes that everyone deserves equal access to healthcare. We are committed to improving healthcare quality and lowering healthcare costs so as to protect every precious life.”

Modern China struggles with the conflict between high expenditures on healthcare and an expanding gap in the supply of medical services. The Chinese medical industry faces a number of key challenges, including unbalanced allocation of medical resources, poor application of medical information technologies, and a shortage of clinical professionals.

Given these challenges, we believe that protecting the life and health of the Chinese people is our utmost social responsibility. We believe that all lives are equal and precious. Therefore, we are committed to protecting each and every one of them by providing medical institutions with innovative equipment and comprehensive medical solutions. We strive to reduce medical costs, improve service quality, and expand access to healthcare services. We provide training to our customers’ medical staff to optimize integration of UIH’s solutions and build a green and healthy medical eco-system.


Advanced Medical Equipment

We produce a full line of advanced imaging and RT equipment. With our advantages in hardware platform stability and independent innovation, we are dedicated to improving medical services, reducing medical costs, and creating a fair, healthy and efficient healthcare environment.


Healthcare Software (HSW) Solutions

We develop HSW solutions based on cloud technology. Through remote diagnosis, remote maintenance and remote training, we integrate medical resources, in order to improve the medical quality and efficiency.

Care-oriented service

We have transformed the service concept from the traditional approach of "technology-oriented service" based on "equipment lifecycle management" to "care-oriented service" based on "customer value enhancement".


"Transforming ‘Made in China’ into ‘Created in China’, UIH bears the critical mission of promoting the development of medical technology and driving the growth of the national medical industry."

‘Made in China’ products are perceived as low- and middle-end options by the global market due to a track record of weak innovation. Facing the dual-threat of revitalized manufacturing in developed countries, thanks to machinery intelligence and IT technology, and the transfer of low-cost production to other developing countries, Chinese manufacturers urgently need to upgrade and implement innovation-driven development strategies to advance the goal of “created in China".

We see how the Chinese manufacturing industry needs to be urgently updated, and we take this task as our social responsibility. Guided by technological innovation, prospective studies, and design breakthroughs, we master core technologies and build integrated innovation benefits to deliver a superb user experience. With outstanding product quality and user interface design, UIH seeks to revolutionize industry standards, in order to build advanced medical equipment that truly is "created in China.”

Research and Development (R&D) Strength

With an assembly of the world’s top medical researchers, our R&D centers are distributed throughout the world, creating platforms for synergistic innovation between universities, research institutes, medical institutions and industry.

Corporate Research Center (CRC) Prospective Studies

Looking to the future, UIH’s Corporate Research Center (CRC) has set up dedicated R&D centers in Shanghai and Shenzhen through cross-collaborative partnerships with leading institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Shanghai Advanced Research Institute and the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology. These R&D centers work closely with all UIH business units on prospective research to develop constantly innovative approaches.

Corporate Design Innovation Center (CDIC)

UIH’s Corporate Design Innovation Center (CDIC) focuses on design innovation. Tapping the full potential of interdisciplinary and cross-industry innovation, CDIC irons out inconsistencies and solves problems while promoting synergy and creating value through design.

The Earth

The Earth
"The Earth is the only place where humanity can live and thrive. We must protect our beautiful common home."

With substantial population growth and changing demographics, the world environment is confronted with an unprecedented threat due to human activities. Resource scarcity, the greenhouse effect, climate change, and worsening pollution exemplify the rising tension between humans and nature.

Under these circumstances, we regard the protection of environment and the construction of a green homeland as our basic social responsibility. We devote ourselves to balancing economic growth, social development and respect for our environment. Through the entire product value chain, including R&D, production, service and recovery, we work with clients and suppliers to better use resources and protect the environment. In this way, we intend to promote the sustainable development of society and the economy.

Green Products

We pay attention to environmental protection through the entire lifecycle of our products. We concentrate on developing green products with high energy efficiency, low radiation, low noise and high recyclability.

Highlighted Green Products:

CT: With KARL 3DTM iterative reconstruction technology, we can reduce the radiation dose by 2/3 and minimize radiation damage to medical staff and patients while continuing to ensure image quality. For example, lung screening is possible with 10mA, leading to a radiation dose of only 0.2 mSv. This amount is equivalent to 1/10 of the annual natural radiation dose to human body.

DR: For image capture and transmission, we use the world’s leading radiation dose control solution. We adopt high-performance and high-voltage generators, X-ray tubes, flat panel detectors and rack panel materials with the lowest X-ray absorption rate in the industry. Thus, we ensure that the compatibility of core links in the image chain yields high-quality X-ray and transmits images with low loss. Thanks to the low-dose control image processing technology based on frequency analysis, we extract the image features in line with the noise frequency features and optimize images, minimizing radiation dose while meeting the clinical needs of medical professionals.

MR: The magnet’s zero helium boil-off technology enables us to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources, lowering operational costs and promoting efficiency and environmental protection. The use of ultra-lightweight coils designed with biodegradable EVA materials is a boon to environmental protection.

Green Operation

We put emphasis on the reduction of the environmental impact in the operation process. On the primary construction level, we have established a green basis benchmark according to the latest environmental protection technology. We have reduced carbon emissions via innovative office models. We have also enhanced management of chemical substances, waste water, and other waste in strict accordance with the relevant regulations.

Green Construction

Our headquarters, located in Shanghai’s Jiading District, serve as a high-tech manufacturing base for advanced medical equipment and R&D. The whole project embodies the concept of green innovation. With eco-friendly design, our buildings use an underground source-heated air pump conditioning system. The system saves energy, reduces the risk of refrigerant leakage, and supplies domestic hot water by recycling water resources. We have adopted multiple advanced pollution control and prevention technologies to reduce source wastage and improve resource utilization. Based on the principles of high efficiency and lean production, we use energy-saving electrical equipment in the production line, setting a benchmark for green manufacturing facilities.

Green Office

We simplify processes and ensure that the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection extends to all areas of daily work. We have also initiated a paperless office system alongside regular teleconferencing and video conferencing in an effort to improve operational efficiency.

Chemical Management, Waste and Sewage Treatment

We strictly manage toxic and harmful chemical substances, processing sewage in strict accordance with the relevant regulations.

Green Service

We provide a cloud-based service system for our customers with efficient and customized solutions combining Remote Service, Training Support System and Offline Resource Service. We are devoted to improving service efficiency by facilitating the establishment and spread of our green service system, which features innovation in informatization, digitalization and customization.


"We join hands with our employees, customers, suppliers, and professionals to help each other and build a better future."

Employees, customers, suppliers, medical and interdisciplinary professionals - and the community where we work and live - constitute the foundation for the growth of UIH.

We are people-oriented. We care for employees, work for the success of our clients, develop talents, and share with our suppliers all of the advantages that competitive innovation has to offer. We are constantly helping to improve quality of life in the community, actively building a healthy and attractive social environment.

Employee Care

We operate on the understanding that human talent is the most important "asset" any company can have. We provide employees with a dynamic working environment, competitive compensation and benefits, a broad career development platform, and a professional career development plan, so as to help them achieve their maximum potential value while balancing work and life.

(1)EHS Management

We see EHS (environment, health, and safety) as the precondition of production and operation, integrating EHS management within the company’s daily management protocols. Based on effective training, prevention, supervision and review mechanisms, we ensure that R&D, production, transport, service and supply chain personnel are protected from accidents, injuries, and losses, thereby creating a comfortable, safe, and healthy working environment for our employees.

(2)Protection of rights and interests of employees

We pay attention to human rights, oppose discrimination in any form, and safeguard the legal rights and interests of our employees. We share our development achievements with employees and provide a competitive compensation system and welfare policy to guarantee their rights and interests.

(3)Training & Development

We provide employees with a broad career development platform, a transparent promotion channel, and a systematic training plan.

(4)Building happiness

We care about the health and welfare of our employees. We encourage our employees to balance their work and private life. We value employee happiness and satisfaction as a cornerstone of our corporate culture.

Customer Care

(1)Safe and green products

We are committed to providing customers with innovative products that are safe, efficient and of superior value. We guarantee product quality with a rigorous quality management system based on scientific findings. UIH strictly complies with well-known international and domestic environmental protection regulations like ROHS, WEEE and REACH. UIH creates products that adhere to these regulations through the entire product lifecycle in an effort to strive for sustainable development. We aim to deliver green and environmentally friendly products to ensure user health and safety.

(2)Customer Care Center

We create value for customers through our "customer care" service concept. Our customer care center - based on cloud platform technology - provides value-added services, including remote diagnosis, remote maintenance and remote training, to help customers enhance their operation efficiency and service potential.

Supplier Management

We respect the dignity and labor rights of all supply chain personnel. The company has initiated a cross-collaborative strategy with partners that will enable continued growth.

(1)Protection of supplier health and safety

For the health and safety of suppliers, we have established a safety management system for supplier operation that provides suppliers with safety education training. We require our suppliers to strictly adhere to this system, and we regularly audit system execution.

(2)Supervision and management of suppliers

We require suppliers to respect the "Supplier Code of Conduct" and regularly audit our suppliers for compliance.

Talent Cultivation

We work hard to improve professional development for medical staff by promoting cooperation between companies, universities and research institutions. To that end, we provide scholarship funding, medical training, and more. By making education a top priority, we train talents for the Chinese medical equipment industry. This strategy secures talent for our “Created in China” mission and contributes to the sustainable development of our society.


UIH is built on integrity.

Integrity stands as the foundation of all our business endeavors and serves as a primary aspect of our social responsibilities. We adhere to the code of business conduct and social ethics while firmly complying with all applicable laws and regulations, advocating an honest and fair approach to doing business. Our compliance system has been applied to all procedures in operation and management. By setting up compliance organizations, improving compliance management mechanisms and implementing compliance management rules, we effectively identify and manage compliance risks to ensure that our business operation and management strategies are ethically and legally sound.

In addition, we request that our suppliers and other business partners observe the principle of “compliance with integrity” to facilitate sustainable business development.

Basic Rules

Compliance philosophy: Compliance with integrity

Goals of Compliance

We conduct all our business activities with integrity and in strict compliance with laws and the code of business ethics. Compliance serves as both the guiding principle and foundation of our relationship with employees, customers and suppliers. Every employee should make and live up to the following commitments to build and promote UIH’s image as an honest, careful and reliable business partner.
1. Treat every customer and supplier with integrity in business activities.
2. The value of gifts and entertainment should not exceed amounts required by business etiquette.
3. Respect customers and prioritize their interests.
4. Provide products with premium quality and professional services, where every detail complies with regulatory requirements.

Basic Principles of Compliance Management

  1. Comprehensiveness
  2. Independence
  3. Effectiveness
  4. Integration

Roles and Responsibilities in Compliance

  • Board of Directors
  • Board of Supervisors
  • Executive Management
  • Departments and Subsidiaries
  • Staff and Employees

Compliance Management Structure

  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Compliance Management Department
  • Compliance Liaisons

Compliance Rules

Corporate Rules of Compliance Management

I. Articles of Association

II. Basic Rules of Compliance Management

1. Compliance with Integrity

We are honest and ethical in dealing with our customers, suppliers, competitors, employees and other stakeholders. We treat everyone fairly and expressly prohibit the accumulation of improper benefits or advantages through manipulation, concealment of truth, unfaithful presentation of important facts or any other unfair trade practices. This rule is set out as the core of our compliance program, which all employees must observe.

2. No Bribery or Corruption

We prohibit the offering or accepting of bribes or any other conduct which seeks to obtain improper or unlawful benefits. Rules and regulations have been made to specify the price and frequency cap of gifts to or from any supplier or customer. It is strictly prohibited to accept gifts valued higher than the price cap without authorization, because this may result in improper advantages for the giver. To make sure that no employee or department offers or receives improper payment or gifts, we will monitor our operation regularly and establish procedures to identify violations of our ethics policies and to deal with employees who might have engaged in such conduct.

3. Respecting Intellectual Property and Protected Information

As a responsible company, we are committed to respecting the intellectual properties and protected information of others, including our customers and suppliers.

4. Fair Competition in Trading and Advertising

UIH derives its success solely from provision of high-quality and high-value products and services. We are committed to complying with all laws and regulations concerning fair competition in trading and advertising. We prohibit any anti-competitive practices or conspiracies. UIH has established rules and regulations and internal compliance mechanisms to ensure full adherence to principles of fair competition.

5. Protecting the Identity of Those Who Make a Report

ules and procedures are established in UIH to prohibit the disclosure of the identity of whistleblowers. All employees of UIH and its suppliers are provided with reasonable access to the hotline and web-based reporting system, which enables them to report in anonymity or confidentiality any suspected behaviors that may violate ethical codes or corporate regulations. They are encouraged to report and are protected from retribution or any other adverse consequences.

6. Sponsorship and Donation

UIH emphasizes corporate social responsibility with respect for people, communities, and the environment. To that end, we have initiated development strategies that comply with ethical codes and legal requirements. As a rising star in the industry, UIH engages in charitable giving and is committed to realizing its social responsibility as a corporate citizen.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct for UIH Employees

Business Conduct

UIH employees are prohibited from:
I. Violating or assisting others in violating China’s relevant laws, rules and regulations;
II. Engaging in business operations that are beyond the scope of corporate business;
III. Conducting vicious competition and defamation against other companies;
IV. Damaging the credibility and interests of the industry;
V. Conducting false and misleading advertising;
VI. Recruiting employees of another company for the direct purpose of grabbing clients or projects;
VII. Seeking improper gains for themselves or others.

Compliance Management Mechanism

  • Compliance Consultation and Training
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Compliance Auditing and Monitoring
  • Methods of Non-Compliance Reporting


An effective and convenient compliance platform is being established to provide 24-hour service through hotlines and e-mails. All employees, managers, clients, suppliers and other business partners of UIH have access to the platform to report any non-compliant activities in a safe, timely and effective manner, thus helping to improve UIH’s compliance system.

  • Effectiveness Assessment of Compliance Management
  • Other Compliance Management