To be a world-class medical equipment provider


To improve healthcare on a global scale with affordable and advanced medical equipment

To turn ‘Made in China’ into ‘Created in China’ with innovation

Core Values


Talent is the foundation for our survival and development. We seek out only the most talented professionals, respect their track record, and value their contributions. Each employee is offered equal opportunities and an international platform to encourage his or her development.

Passionate Innovation

Passion and innovation drive our momentum. We break free of old conventions to passionately explore technology, define new standards, and surpass expectations. Innovation, now and forever.

High-Efficiency Management

High-efficiency management is our lifeblood.  Our management team is committed to achieving world-class product quality by setting definable goals, paying attention to detail, establishing clear communication channels, and emphasizing innovation.

Dedicated Service

Service is our unique competitive strength. By placing customers’ needs at the forefront, we are able to continuously provide value-added services.

Corporate Culture

Exploration ● Innovation

  • We pursue new knowledge, better methodology, extraordinary quality, and organizational achievement. We are constantly looking to push boundaries and cross new frontiers.
  • We embrace change and strive to be constantly innovative, exploiting unique insights to solidify our mission and make breakthroughs.

Passion ● Dedication

  • We devote ourselves to the goal of ensuring lasting market sector competitiveness.
  • We are a strong team that is dedicated to maintaining long-term unity and cohesiveness.

Trust ● Inclusiveness

  • We treat each other with absolute sincerity and advocate open communication, fairness, mutual trust, and efficiency.
  • We are open-minded and respect diversity and individuality. Our goal is to maintain a united team that works effectively together.

Integrity ● Commitment

  • We are a reliable partner that seeks improvement and approaches issues with loyalty and fairness.
  • We make a difference by maintaining a unified vision, directly facing challenges, and assuming important responsibilities.