2014-05-24 17:41

Chinese President Xi Jinping Visits UIH

May 24, 2014, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, President of the People’s Republic of China, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, paid a visit to Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd (UIH). Accompanied by the UIH chief consultant, President Xi and his entourage visited UIH’s corporate exhibition room and manufacturing lines. After carefully listening to the report on UIH’s independent R&D achievements, he observed and tried out the advanced medical imaging equipment independently researched and developed by UIH, while highly complimented the achievements UIH has made in independent R&D and design innovations.

President Xi also called for a timely enhancement of government policy guidance, organization, coordination and industry management to speed up the domestic development and production of advanced medical equipment and to enable the Chinese products to be efficiently promoted and used to benefit people around the world, making an outstanding presence in the global market.

Accompanied by UIH’s Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Executive Management Committee(second from the left), President Xi visited UIH’s Corporate Exhibition Room

President Xi visited UIH’s Corporate Exhibition Room

President Xi watched and tried out UIH's Digital Radiography System

President Xi listened to the report on UIH’s independent R&D achievements

President Xi visited UIH's manufacturing lines

President Xi talked cordially with UIH's employees

President Xi took a group photo with the core management team and employees of UIH


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