uMR 560

Neuro Imaging

T2W total neuro imaging
T1W total neuro imaging
T2W FSE brain imaging
T1W FLAIR brain imaging
T2W FLAIR fat-suppression brain imaging
DWI brain imaing, B=1000
DTI brain imaging

Body Imaging

T2W FSE abdomen imaging
DWI abdomen imaging, B=50
DWI abdomen imaging, B=800
T2W FSE fat-suppression abdomen imaging
T1W Quick3D abdomen imaging
MRCP imaging
50cm FOV of body imaging
50cm FOV of fat-suppression abdomen imaging

Breast Imaging

SPAIR breast imaging
DWI breast imaging, B=800

Angiography Imaging

CE-MRA of lower extremity angiography
TOF imaging of brain angiography
TOF imaging of brain angiography
CE-MRA of carotid angiography

Orthopedics Imaging

T1W Quick3D knee imaging
T2W FSE knee imaging
T2W GRE shoulder imaging
T2W FSE shoulder imaging
T1W hand imaging
T1W hand imaging