About us

Company Introduction

Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare (UIH) offers advanced medical equipment and IT solutions. We provide medical institutes with innovative medical solutions, including diagnostic imaging devices, radiation therapy equipment, training, services, and medical IT solutions. Our goal is to improve healthcare quality and expand access to affordable healthcare services around the world.


We develop and manufacture advanced medical products and provide innovative healthcare solutions covering the entire healthcare cycle, from diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy to medical IT solutions. 




We develop and manufacture a full portfolio of advanced medical imaging products. Our CT, MI, MR, and Digital X-ray Radiography (DR) products boast high-definition image quality, low-dose technology, and high-efficiency workflow. Our products help medical professionals make efficient, accurate and easy diagnoses and help patients receive timely and effective treatment.



With a strong focus on research and development (R&D) in imaging technology, we develop and manufacture advanced radiotherapy (RT) equipment supported by real-time, high-definition imaging. We also offer a full-range of RT solutions to provide accurate treatment of lesions at an early stage, minimize damage to normal tissues, and improve diagnosis and treatment results.



We provide innovative medical IT solutions, featuring remote diagnoses, training and maintenance. Our aim is to effectively integrate medical resources, improve medical treatment efficiency and quality, and expand access to healthcare services.



Core Competencies

UIH's four core competences: Solid Platforms, Ambitious Research & Development, Prospective Study, Innovative Design

Ambitious Research & Development

With a talent-driven, people-oriented R&D philosophy, UIH aims at innovation through adaptation to clinical needs.


Strong Platforms

With rich talent resources, we are determined to create exclusive platforms for hardware, software, services, and open innovation with universities, research institutions, and clinical institutions. These platforms provide strong support to UIH’s products and solutions.

Visionary Research

The Corporate Research Center (CRC) brings together top-notch scientists and engineers who work closely with scientific research institutions such as the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The CRC provides a unique platform for innovation, collaboration, and dedication to forward-looking research.

Innovative Design

Our industry-leading Corporate Design Innovation Center (CDIC) focuses on innovative product design and user interface optimization, providing a common platform across product lines and business units. Tapping the full potential of interdisciplinary and cross-industry innovation, the CDIC promotes synergy and creates value through design.

Research & Development Platform



We have established a product development team that spans the fields of technology, marketing, clinical validation and design. With a human-centered R&D approach, we anticipate the needs of our users, integrating interdisciplinary resources to tap the full potential of innovation and promote the development of science and technology.